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Emergency Page

Emergency Website for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

Status of On-Lab Work

The Lab will reopen Tuesday, Sept. 15 at a reduced capacity determined by conditions in specific buildings and work areas.

Buildings 126, 179, 230, and 300 will be open Tuesday morning at approximately 50% occupancy compared to baseline before the recent fires. Air quality tests inside these buildings have measured particulate counts well within normal levels. We are monitoring filter conditions continually, and replacing filters as needed.

Since our first priority for reopening is to restart critical tasks, if you are assigned to work in one of these buildings, please consult your project lead and supervisor on when and whether you may return to Lab. The COVID Safety Facility Coordinator for your building will be responsible for cross-project coordination to maintain overall occupancy limits.

Reopenings of additional buildings will be announced on this site tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

We intend to test multiple buildings tomorrow and will assess restart of tasks in those buildings accordingly. We also continue to monitor the outside air quality, which directly impacts our operations.

Any employees who are not cleared to return but who cannot work from home should continue charging to the Early Dismissal pay code. Contractors should obtain guidance from their employers.