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Emergency Page

Emergency Website for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

Mandatory Off-Site Work for Monday, Sept. 14

We are asking all JPLers currently on site, except for essential life and safety personnel, to depart the Lab and continue their work from home today due to the ongoing deterioration in air quality from the Bobcat Fire and other wildfires.

Please safe any hardware before leaving your work area. Clean room activities are suspended.

While air quality is poor throughout the region, the Lab’s high-efficiency building filtration systems are overloaded by smoke and particles released in the fires.

Any employees who cannot work from home today should charge to the Early Dismissal pay code (for weekly employees, in one-hour increments of the difference between time worked and regularly scheduled hours for the week; for hourly employees, time not worked for the day). Contractors should obtain guidance from their employers.

Any staff members and their families affected by the fires and requiring supportive resources should contact Protective Services at (818) 354-3530 (staffed 24/7) or (818) 393-3062.

Look for guidance for Tuesday and beyond by the end of the day today (Monday).